The detection of Catapult UJx ( applicable for both UJ1 and UJ2 ) cables in Linux platform relying on Linux hotplugging feature. If the hot-plugging feature is not supported in the Linux machine you are using, it can be downloded and installed from . ( hotplug / 2004_03_29 ) .

ByteTools offers collection of few utilities to support the hot-plugging feature for Catapult-UJx devices.

ByteTools Linux SDK package would have the following utilities and libraries.

  • Installation scripts ( catapult-linux-usb-install-scripts. . )
  • Firmware ( jtagv1_fw.btx and jtagv2_fw.btx )
  • Libraries ( )

Catapult USB Installation Instruction for Linux 2.6 platform

Untar catapult-linux-usb-install-scripts. .

The following instructions needs to be carried out in “root” mode.

1. Create a directory “catapult.fw” in /usr/share/usb/ and copy the firmware file jtagv2_fw.btx and jtagv1_fw.btx into the catgapult.fw directory.

4. Copy btusbloader file in /sbin/ directory. Ensure that btusbloader is executable

5. Copy catapultujx.usermap and catapultujx files in /etc/hotplug/usb directory. Ensure that catapultujx is executable

Note : After the above instructions, connect CatapultUJ2 device. If the access to the device failed, verify /var/log/messages file for any failures.

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