Catapult CSE Plugin is a plugin library which helps to connect Catapult JTAG Cables with Xilinx Design Suite. The plugin library can be used for both Windows and Linux platform.

The latest Plugin is supported for Xilinx Design Suite 13.


Microsoft Windows

When the installer for Microsoft Windows platform is launched, an installation wizard guides the user to install the plugin in the correct location.

The second screen is important where the installer location is specified by two options. When the option “Install for anyone using this computer” is selected ( which is the default option ), the plugin is installed in %ALLUSERSPROFILE% environment variable path. When “Install just for me” is selected, the plugin is installed in %USERPROFILE% environment variable path.

In a Windows 7 platform( 32 bit mode ), selecting the option “Install just for me” installs the files in the location C:\Users\<username>\.cse\nt\13.1\plugins\ByteTools . In 64 bit Windows 7 platform, the files are installed in C:\Users\<username>\.cse\nt64\13.1\plugins\ByteTools.

When “Install for anyone using this computer” is selected, the files are installed in C:\ProgramData\.cse directory.

Xilinx tool searches the plugin from the appripriate folder based on the platform.

The installer has the following format, where is the version of the library.

catapult-cse-plugin-msw-x86- catapult-cse-plugin-msw-x64-


For Linux platform, the .gz compressed file which was downloaded/purchased from website needs to be extracted in the appropriate location. For Linux 32 bit platform, the .gz file has the following format libCseCatapultPlugin-linux-, but for 64 bit Linux platform, the file format is specified as libCseCatapultPlugin-x86_64-linux-

In Linux platform, the compressed file can be installed in the user's home directory ( which can also be found by using the environment variable $HOME) or the location specified by the environment variable $XIL_CSE_PLUGIN_DIR. All the plugin files must be residing in the location .cse/nt64/13.1/plugins.

For example, if the user name is “bob” and the platform is Linux 32 bit OS, the typical installation path would be,


For 64 bit Linux OS,. the path would be /home/bob/.cse/lin64/13.1/plugins/ByteTools

If $XIL_CSE_PLUGIN_DIR is used, the path can be $XIL_CSE_PLUGIN_DIR/.cse/lin/13.1/plugins/ByteTools or XIL_CSE_PLUGIN_DIR/.cse/lin64/13.1/plugins/ByteTools.

Note: The path .cse/lin/13.1/plugins can be manually created if it is not already available.

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