Change List


  • Fixes: EJ2 can be identified by using host name which is “btejxxxx”, where “xxxx” specifies the last 4 characters from the MAC address of the device.
  • Host name is also added for netbios.


  • Factory default setting of the link speed is set to 100M Full Duplex mode.
  • DHCP issue with different network/subnet has been resolved.i.e the device can work with any network address ranges.

Note : Users are advised to apply factory restore configuration after the new firmware is upgraded


  • Software Unlock via Host Library is possible now with the new fix.


  • Clean-up in the firmware code, which doesn't affect any functionality


  • Static IP Address configuration via Catapult Configuration Manager is fixed.


  • Firmware has been modified to improve the performance. No functionality is affected.

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